Telangana governments decisions to promote onion cultivationHome

Telangana government has taken decision to increase onion cultivation significantly in the 10 districts of the State.

The Horticulture Department aims to increase the extent of onion cultivation from the present 15,000 hectares to 25,000 hectares, mainly by encouraging the farmers to take up the cultivation even in kharif season, the lean season for onion.

“Usually, onion is a rabi crop here. We have studied the cultivation practices at Vaddepalli village of Mahabubnagar, and a few other places in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, where onion is cultivated in the kharif crop season. We will share the knowledge with the farmers,” Commissioner of Horticulture L.Venkatram Reddy informed while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday (12 Aug).

This is in line with the government’s aim of doubling the horticulture extent in the State, besides controlling the extreme fluctuations in the onion prices, he said.

As of now, the State produces only 2.5 lakh metric tonnes of onions per annum as against the 3.6 lakh metric tonnes demand, leading to scarcity of the commodity during lean season. Citing three reasons, high seed rates, crop damage due to untimely rains, and storage problems as the triggers for the high prices, Mr.Reddy said the department is planning to supply onion seed at 75 per cent subsidy for 14,000 hectares under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana seed distribution programme.