Double seed Procurement in Punjab for 2015-16 Rabi SeasonHome

The government of Punjab will produce three lac quintal seed as against the present capacity of 1-1.5 lac quintal by upgrading the PUNSEED processing plants and the Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana ( PAU ) and Agriculture Department will ensure adequate and timely supply of wheat seeds to farmers during the Rabi season 2015-16.

Issuing directions for the same, Jathedar Tota Singh Agriculture Minister Punjab informed that PAU will submit a detailed report regarding the rates of the seeds and the arrangements done for its distribution by government seed agencies like PUNSEED, IFFCO, KRIBHCO, National Seed Corporation (NSC) and PAU the Rabi season.

Besides, PAU will print adequate literature in the form of pamphlets, leaflets etc to highlight the best practices in wheat cultivation including usage of drill machines, the most productive qualities of seed, prevention of deceases etc.

Extension Services Wing of PAU will educate the farmers about the timely schedule of sowing wheat during the coming Rabi season on one hand and would make them aware of the latest farm practices to enhance the yield both qualitatively and quantitatively.

He said that Agriculture department will encourage the farmers to grow quality seed of high yield varieties and identify few villages to be named as ‘seed villages’ in the state.

The farmers desirous of sowing seeds would be given proper training and technical know-how to produce the best quality seed in the state.

He said that the seeds producing farmers will be registered by PUNSEED and they would be given Rs.400/- per quintal premium over and above the rate of wheat fixed by the government. This would be done under the supervision of Seed Certification authority of Agriculture department.

He added that very soon the seed testing laboratory at Faridkot would be started and directions have been issued for the same.