Green Gram Variety Developed by Coastal Saline Research Centre-Tamil NaduHome

Coastal Saline Research Centre of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Ramanathapuram has released a new variety of greengram called Co (Gg) 8 that matures in 55-60 days. The crop is ideal for rainfed conditions. Due to early maturity it escapes terminal drought and ensures sustainable yield. Determinate growth and synchronised maturity are other specialities of this variety, which is amenable for single harvest saving labour and time.

This variety shows resistance to mungbean yellow mosaic and stem necrosis; field tolerance to sucking pests like aphids, stemfly and spotted pod borer.

Field trial :
The newly released variety was grown at Krishi Vigyan Kendra campus farm during Kharif 2013.

During the season the crop received limited rainfall of 120 mm and three supplementary drip irrigations. The CO 8 variety matured uniformly in 60 days with 25-30 pods per plant. From this variety 900 kg/ha of seed yield was obtained. This shows the ability of this variety to escape terminal drought and high per day water productivity.

Source : Coastal Saline Research Centre of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University