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“High Yielder, Mid Early and resistant to bacterial blight, blast and BPH rice variety of Basmati type “Azad Basmati(CSAR 839-3)” for traditional and non- traditional Basmati growing areas developed by Rice Breeder Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav, Ram Krishna & others of this University. Azad Basmati” is really wonderful variety of basmati rice which gave 23.6 % higher yield to National Check variety Pusa Basmati on over all mean basis of the Regional Agricultural training and Demonstration station of Uttar Pradesh. On the zonal basis, it gave 41.31 %, 27.24%, 18.36 higher yields at Central Zone, Eastern Zone, and western Zone, Respectively.

Advantages and properties of Azad Basmati (CSAR 839-3) rice are mentioned below.

• Suitable for irrigated and transplanting condition and give an average yield of 39.32 q / ha.

• is a semi dwarf (95- 102 cm), Five days early in maturity to Pusa Basmati-1 and 15to 25 days early to other Basmati Varieties.

• It resembles to Pusa Basmati but it is awn less, bacterial blight and blast resistant in field conditions and significantly high yielder. The Character Awn less will be useful for breeder seed production program and monitoring activities.

• Seed has long slender white grain type, 78.5 % hulling,67 % milling, 50.8 % HRR, 7.0 mm grain length,1.77 mm grain breadth,3.8 L/B ratio, 6.1 Alkali value and 22.8 % amylase content. It is superior in quality also to other basmati varieties cultivated in U.P.

• It has shown yield potential 40-60q/ha.

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Source: Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology