High Yielding Coconut Hybrid for Tamil NaduHome

Superior high yielding cross combination of Coconut, LCOT x CCNT, has been developed at AICRP – Palms centre, Veppankulam (TNAU, Tamil Nadu). It is a Tall x Tall combination, first of its kind in the country as well as in the South Asia. This hybrid has been released recently as VPM - 5 during the 24thAnnual Group Meeting of AICRP on Palms at the ICAR- Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa.

The mean nut yield of the hybrid during the stabilized bearing period was 161 nuts/palm/year, which is 62.6 and 43.8 and higher than ECT and VHC 1 respectively. It has a copra content of 149.8 gm/ nut and oil content of 70.0 % with higher quantity of tender nut water (368 ml /nut) of good quality (4.8 °brix TSS).

Source:- TNAU, Tamil Nadu