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Syngenta Crop Protection Recognized with Five Crop Science Awards, AgTech Awards, Crop Science, Crop Protection

19 Dec, 2022 - Syngenta Crop Protection was recognized as a winner in 5 award categories at the annual Crop Science Awards, a strong endorsement of its best-in-class scientific, technological and leadership contributions within the global crop protection industry.

“We are very honored to be recognized with such prestigious awards in so many categories,” said Jeff Rowe, President of Syngenta Crop Protection. “We work hard to bring innovation that enables farmers worldwide to grow their crops productively, and to secure a more sustainable future for agriculture. Congratulations to all the teams that worked hard over many years to make these achievements possible, and special thanks to Jon Parr for his outstanding contributions to the agriculture industry.”

Best R&D Pipeline
Syngenta invests significantly in its innovation capabilities and through many collaborations, to bring world-class science and cutting-edge technologies to growers in the years to come. This sustained annual R&D investment has resulted in novel technologies that will enable growers to farm more sustainably and productively, while protecting and enhancing crop and soil health. One such example is TYMIRIUM® technology which protects the farm’s soil health and biodiversity even as it controls harmful microscopic nematodes that feed on plant roots.

Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait
VIRANTRA™ is the product containing PLINAZOLIN® technology active ingredient launched in Argentina in December 2021. PLINAZOLIN technology allows farmers to effectively control insect pressure over a wide range of crops and geographies, while addressing the urgent threat of rising resistance to existing insecticides.

Best Stewardship Program
Our Manejo Consciente campaign was introduced to address the first signs of fungicide resistance in soybean rust in Brazil. This ambitious stewardship campaign involved one-to-one meetings with more than 2,400 growers spanning an area of over 850,000 km2, based on a new product positioning and agronomic recommendations. It achieved adoption rates of more than 73%, playing a significant role in delaying the spread of fungicide resistance.

Best Marketing Program
After ALADE® and MITRION® were registered for soybean disease control in Brazil in 2021 on an accelerated timeline, despite challenges brought on by pandemic restrictions, Syngenta conducted 1,900 certified trials with farmers and researchers, which provided invaluable data and opportunities to promote the benefits of these two products. This campaign reached soybean growers across the entire country, and it emerged as one of the largest demand generation campaigns in recent times.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Jon Parr recently retired as President of Crop Protection, after a distinguished 35-year career that included many highlights. These ranged from the launch of our blockbuster fungicide AMISTAR® two decades ago, to more recently setting the strategic direction that strengthened Syngenta’s innovation capabilities and propelled its leadership in biologicals. Key to his success as a leader was his ability to foster a winning culture and continuously challenged the organization to keep focus on the farmer’s needs; he encouraged collaboration, innovation, empowerment and strongly valued diverse teams.

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