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Hamlet Protein Presents Novel Solutions for Zinc Oxide Free Diets

Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of high quality vegetable protein, was among the participants at the Zero Zinc Summit 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event, hosted by SEGES, was attended by feed producers, farmers and scientists from all over the world. At the summit, Hamlet Protein actively discussed fiber based solutions for the Danish market following the EU ban on zinc oxide.

Changing regulations will force farmers to phase out the pharmaceutical use of zinc. Hamlet Protein has been working on the development of a practical solution that provides an alternative to zinc oxide and helps prevent diarrhea in young animals.

“At the Zero Zinc Summit our team actively participated in the discussions on producing 7-30kg piglets while phasing out the pharmaceutical use of zinc oxide. As a consequence the risk of diarrhea occurrence increases, which directly impacts productivity levels and presents producers with a strong challenge,” says Christine Brøkner, R&D Manager at Hamlet Protein.

At the Hamlet Protein Innovation Center in Horsens (Denmark) knowledge on nutrition physiology, biotechnology and practical application of feed ingredients is combined with a specific focus on the needs of young animals. High quality proteins are essential when formulating an easily digestible feed with a minimum of anti-nutritional factors. In the search of alternatives for the pharmaceutical use of zinc oxide in the diet, Hamlet Protein turned to fiber.

“In our work with fibrous and protein rich raw materials in the bioconversion process, we have developed HP FiberStart, a product used in the first diet post-weaning to alleviate weaning problems while keeping the piglets growing. The fiber part consist of both soluble- and insoluble fibers, which give a dual effect by stimulating the gut physically and the microflora through fermentation of specific fibers,” commented Brøkner.

The product will first be launched in Denmark in the second half of 2019. Well ahead of the ban on zinc oxide in EU. “We are very excited about this new addition to our portfolio and the initial feedback from the market has been positive. It further confirms Hamlet Protein’s leading position in young animal nutrition. After the initial launch in Denmark we will expand our offering to other countries as well,” concluded Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.

Hamlet Protein produces soya-based protein ingredients for young pig, poultry and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. The business was acquired from its founder by Goldman Sachs and Altor Fund IV in 2015. Find out more at

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