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KBG Launches First Sector Brief on Agriculture

The Kenya Business Guide has published and launched its first Sector Brief entitled ‘Agriculture Established and Emerging Trends’. The brief contains an overview of current trends in the agriculture sector and an analysis of its projected trajectory.

Despite a 25% reduction in the output of Kenya’s main food crop, maize, in 2017 due to adverse weather conditions and a shrink in the overall percentage contribution of the agriculture sector to GDP, the Kenya Business Guide points to concerted efforts outlined in the upcoming Medium Term Plan 3 as a clear indication for improving prospects in the sector as a whole.

Dr. George Njenga, Dean Strathmore Business School spoke at the launch of the impact of good agricultural policies in improving the sector and impacting the livelihoods of Kenyans, “Linkage between policy and practice in the agricultural space remains a key concern for the sector, as most of these policies are not translated into a language that the ordinary Kenyan citizen can understand and relate to. Policy in the sector must translate to impact to Kenyans.”

Food crops like maize dominate the agriculture sector and have widespread effects on the economy. Drops in Maize production have a marked impact on food prices, inflation, household income as well as the currency.

“We must leverage the synergies between the agriculture and manufacturing sector to drive productivity, value addition and employment creation in both sectors. Agro-processing will be a key sub-sector for both business opportunities and economic growth.” said KBG Project Lead Sahil Shah.

The Kenya Business Guide will periodically release sector and policy briefs, researched and developed in collaboration with Strathmore Business School to improve decision making in both the private and public sectors.


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