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Federal Government invests in GPS agricultural technology

SATELLITE images are helping farmers sow with more precision than ever before and bringing economic gains up to $70 a hectare.

Now a cash injection of almost $225 million from the Federal Government will help bring better GPS agricultural technology to more farmers across Australia.

In last week’s Budget, the Federal Government announced it would invest $224.9 million over four years to provide more accurate satellite-based positional, navigation and timing capability — known as PNT — across the country.

Ben Fleay, chief executive at Precision Agriculture, based in Ballarat, welcomed news of the funding and the benefits it would bring to farmers.

Mr Fleay said, “Around 40 per cent of farmers’ operations can get within about 10cm every time, but around 60 per cent are operating on low levels of precision and accuracy,” he said.

“Where farmers have that high level of accuracy, you can get agronomic gains of $70 per ha. There’s a lot of improvement to be made through improved accuracy.”

Mr Fleay and his team at Precision Agriculture worked to improve agricultural performance through technology and precision agriculture services.

Using satellite images, farmers can generate images and maps of their property, enabling them to farm and sow with more precision than ever before.

Federal funding will be used to enhance PNT capabilities, delivering data with an accuracy of three to five centimetres for regional and metro areas with mobile phone coverage.


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