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IAEA Offers Webinar on Food Safety in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

An upcoming webinar, organized in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization in the United Nations (FAO), aims to help national experts be prepared in case an emergency involving a significant release of radioactive material into the environment makes water, local produce, milk from grazing animals and other foods unsafe for consumption.

The IAEA safety standards call for governments to develop effective emergency preparedness and response (EPR) frameworks that include arrangements for protecting the food chain and water supply systems and preventing the consumption of contaminated foods.

On 23 October 2018, IAEA experts and other specialists in food and agriculture will conduct a webinar on Food Safety in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency to raise awareness of public protection strategies, encourage the strengthening of national arrangements for ensuring food safety and highlight support available to Member States.

The webinar will also explain the criteria for determining restrictions on consumption, distribution and sale of food, milk and drinking water in a nuclear or radiological emergency.

It aims to help food safety authorities, emergency services, public health authorities and nuclear and radiation safety regulatory bodies prepare to ensure food safety.

Registration for the seminar is due 22 October 2018, 15:00 Vienna time. The target audience is staff from authorities with responsibilities in preparing for and responding to a nuclear or radiological emergency, including public health and food safety authorities, as well as specialists from relevant research organisations, professional associations, societies and non-governmental organisations.


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