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The National Farm Machinery Show Becomes the Largest Attended Event.

Louisville, KY: The National Farm Machinery Show becomes the largest-attended events at the Kentucky Exposition Center Held Feb. 10-13 this year. The totalled is 296,258, hence these many attendees, exhibitors and agribusiness professionals presented at event.

The 5% drop in attendance from 2015 is attributed to weather which caused cancellation of schools and school tour groups from many of the surrounding counties on both Wednesday and Friday.

The event brings an economic impact of $20 million annually and hotels and restaurants throughout Louisville because known as the largest indoor agriculture trade show in the U.S. Attendees come from across the nation and include delegations from Argentina, Italy, Germany, England and China.

Kentuchy State Fair Board President and CEO Rip Rippetoe, said "This is a show for the record books. We expanded the number of exhibitors to 880 and introduced the expertise and advocacy arm of the American Equipment Manufacturers to increase our position as one of the most important agricultural trade show in the nation."

With topics ranging from renewable energy to market and weather strategies are discussed in the expo which included 14 seminars.