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Manage Weed at Time of Wheat Sowing With Lucky-Seed Drill

The wheat crop is infested with many grass and broadleaf weeds which significantly reduce the crop yield and cause economic loss to the farmers.

The prevailing weather conditions (low temperature) and wet fields are more conducive for germination of weeds particularly gulli danda, the most dominant weed of wheat in the state. Under these situations, the weed control at the time of sowing is more beneficial.

The farmers are advised to spray one litre of Stomp / Dost/ Bunker/ Markpendi/ Zakiyama/ Penda/ Markpendi/ Pendin 30 EC (pendimethalin) in 200 litres of water per acre, in well prepared seedbed, within two days of sowing of wheat.

This herbicide provides effective control of gulli danda and reduces infestation of some broadleaf leaf weeds like jangli palak. The herbicide can be sprayed with hand- or tractor operated sprayers fitted with flat fan or flood jet nozzles.

The PAU Lucky-seed drill, which is fitted with automatic spraying attachment and does the sowing of wheat and spray of herbicide at the same time, can also be used. Alternatively, the farmers are advised to adopt sowing of wheat with PAU Happy Seeder/Happy Seeder, in standing stubbles of rice, which also reduces the problem of gulli danda and other weeds.


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