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Modern Transplanter Reduces the Cultivation Cost.

A Japanese-made modern paddy transplanter is introduced by The Cooperative Department, this transplanter has many new features, including a machine-attached weeder, for use during the current kuruvai season. The paddy trasplanter was demonstrated on the field of Prabakaran at Emoor near Musiri.

The Minoru Portray Transplanter could complete paddy transplantation on one acre of land within an hour and the two to three hours taken by the existing transplanters. Minoru Portray Transplanter also needs just one or two labourers for placing the seedlings in trays. The machine plants the paddy seedlings at the prescribed spots on the prepared field with right spacing. The plants are evenly spaced out and the fields look neat and clean.

As per the system, the operator of transplanter grows nursery under the portray nursery technology. He takes care of everything, including paddy seeds and watering. K.C.Ravichandran, Joint Registrar, Cooperatives, Tiruchi, told that it was said the technology required just four kilogram of seeds for raising nurseries one acre of land against the 30 kg of seeds needed by conventional transplanters.

The cost of cultivation could be decreases considerably by using the machine. The cooperative department had engaged the machine for paddy transplanting during kuruvai season. The government would offer Rs.2, 375 per acre for planting seedlings using the machine. The farmers, who had planned to bring fields under kuruvai cultivation, could use the machine.