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Training on 'Technological Aspects of Milk and Milk Products Processing'

Training: Technological Aspects of Milk and Milk Products Processing
Date: September 24-29, 2018

The training is open for Dairy entrepreneurs, small scale milk processors, personnel from Food & Dairy Industry, and individuals who wish to start their own dairy processing unit with minimum education qualification of 10+2.

Topics to be covered
- Market milk processing
- Technology of heat and acid coagulated
- traditional dairy products especially paneer and chhana
- Technology of Flavoured milk preparation
- Technology of Ice cream and Frozen dessert manufacturing
- Technology of Fermented milks
- Food Safety laws and Quality Assurance
- Preparation of Dahi and Yoghurt
- Technology of khoa and khoa based sweets
- Technology of fat rich dairy products
- Preparation of milk sweet (burfi) and kunda
- Preparation of butter and ghee
- Packaging and labeling of dairy products

About the Training
Processing of milk and milk products has the potential to be profitable business opportunity for dairy entrepreneurs in India. Many government schemes encourages small and medium scale dairy processing units to enter into organized dairy processing. However, lack of scientific knowledge about dairy products and absence of appropriate processing technologies is the major constraint for these entrepreneurs. This training is designed to provide an adequate knowledge for such entrepreneurs and to those who would like to upgrade their existing business. Another attractive component for this program is the opportunity to be engaged in hands-on experience on preparation of major dairy products at facility of NDRI (SRS).


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