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Plant Breeding Jobs as Technical Support at Syngenta

Job Title:Tech Support-Gurkegaon
Job Location:India
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Knowledge, experience & capabilities:
Critical knowledge
- Bachelor degree Agriculture and related subjects
- Agronomic knowledge of crops and breeding processes is preferable
- Good communication skills

Critical skills:
- Crop specific nursery knowledge
- Expertise in crop specific field operations
- Expertise in the computer knowledge

Critical experience:
- Experience in basic breeding and agronomy
- Experience in technical service delivery

Role Purpose:
-Responsible for execution of breeding nursery, parental line purification, trials seed production activity delivery per crop and hybrid trials on sites.
-Ensures that seeds of segregating and finish lines as well as hybrids are delivered in target quantity and quality meeting timelines
-Responsible for data collection and encoded in SPIRIT & MINT with proper documentation.

Taking Breeding activities plan and protocol execution:
- Execute nursery and seed production operations within a BO unit area under the supervision of BO-Site Head
- Responsible for sampling of nursery and trials material
- Flexibility and able to work technically in several activities of BO unit.
- Shall provide support to operations for effective work planning to achieve operational efficiency.
- Execute nursery activities (planting, maintenance, selfing / pollination, harvest and seed processing and hand-off following the protocol.
- Ensures that seeds of segregating and finish lines and hybrids are delivered in requested quantity and quality meeting timelines and target.
- Ensure the proper entry of seed inventory in MINT programme
Ensure data collected are encoded in SPIRIT and proper documentation.
Ensure SOPs implementation in nursery and trials activities.
Ensure the implementation of required HSE standards in different activities and works.

Critical success factors & key challenges:
- Strong crop specific technical knowledge on: Crop physiology; sibbing & crossing, seed production & processing and greenhouse technology.
- Experienced with crop agronomy.
- Understanding of crop breeding processes.
- Specific technical knowledge on Computer skills.

Critical leadership capabilities:
- Ownership: Very Much essential
- Customer focus - Plays important role
- Decisive - Essential
- Communicative - Very much essential
- Trusted - Essential
- Team oriented – Essential
- Result oriented: Very much essential

How to Apply:
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