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Agricultural Technology Jobs as Machine Pilot Operations Lead at Mahindra

Job Title:Machine Pilot Operations Lead
Job Location:Mumbai, Maharashtra
Employer:Mahindra and Mahindra
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This is a full-time position that will be responsible for formulating and running precision machinery / implement pilots on farms in India. The candidate will develop quarterly pilot plans and oversee the progress of machine/ implement demonstrations on farms in India. His work would also include facilitating the integration of precision technology on tractor/ implements for demonstrations, conduct farmer interviews, and document insights from the pilot studies. Based on the insights from pilots, the candidate will create strong use cases / customer value propositions for various crops.
This position will require frequent stay and/ or travel within the areas of crop pilots in India.

Effective organization and time management and the ability to balance and prioritize tasks
Must be willing to learn new processes, agronomic practices, and other skills that may be required
Effective at understanding stakeholder s requirements, conducting market research, and communication
Languages: English, Marathi, Hind

Bachelor s degree in Mechanical Engineering / Agricultural Technology or Agricultural disciplines
3-5 years of experience in agriculture-related fields (heavy machinery, seed, fertilizer oragri-chemicals)

Understand the objectives of machinery pilots and plan the research operations to minimize delay and project pilot cost Liaise among Precision Farming group, R&D and Product Development team, Farmers, Technology Partners, local support groups etc.
Develop metrics for precision spraying, seeding etc. pilots against which the success of the pilot can be evaluated understand all stages of crop growth, agronomic practices, mechanization interventions during the crop growth cycle to develop use cases / customer value proposition for precision machinery and implements
Compile and document the findings from pilot studies and farmer interviews.

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