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Soil Health Tonic Solution for Farmers

BHUBANESWAR: Here is a good news for farmers who are suffering from loss of productivity due to poor soil conditions. Insecticides (India) Limited has introduced a solution, which can be used as a natural catalyzer to improve soil’s organic capacity and strengthen its nutrient value.

Under the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, an organic input KayaKalp tested and recommended by National Centre of Organic Farming, acts as a health booster tonic for the soil and helps Indian farmers improve output.

Managing Director of Insecticides, India Rajesh Aggarwal claimed, “The soil in Odisha has the potential to produce more than what is currently producing. The soil in the State is exhausted but can be rejuvenated and replenished with the use organic input like KayaKalp, which has already shown remarkable results in neighbouring States.” He said with the need for food grains growing constantly, there is perpetual pressure on land to increase production and yield.

The food production has multiplied by just three and half time, even when fertiliser consumption has increased 55 times. This means fertiliser was used inappropriately and was less consumed by plant and remained idle in the soil and it resulted in a persistent decline in soil fertility and made the soil harder.

He also informed that, in Odisha, the problem has resulted in even more hardness than usual. In Odisha many districts have red soil which has low organic matter status, apart from poor water retentive nature. While some of the soil types are low in nitrogen and phosphorous, some other soil have been found to be deficient in boron.

KayaKalp is particularly suited for the soil types found in Odisha. It is organic, that's why it is completely safe for the farmers as well as for the soil. Our team members will work with farmers and help administer KalaKalp methodically to the soil.


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