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State government to promote Goan agricultural produce under state brand

Focusing on achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of doubling the farmers’ income by 2022, the State government announced it would promote Goan agricultural produce under the State brand called ‘BIG – Born in Goa’.

Agriculture Minister Vijai Sardesai said the government is set to bring about a revolution to make agriculture more income centric than farming centric.

“Our Prime Minister’s mission is to double the farmer’s income by 2022. For the same, we have to launch a revolution. For Goa the time has come where we need to take our farmers forward,” the Minister said.

In a bid to promote agricultural produce, the State will create a brand for the produce ensuring better income and promotion and marketing across the world, Sardesai said.

“We have high quality produce which is not marketed well. If we manage to do that we can achieve the mission of doubling the farmers’ income,” he said.

The Minister announced the launch of the brand ‘BIG – Born In Goa’ under which the State agriculture produce will be promoted.

The government also proposes to introduce an IT platform called Agri-Cloud wherein the producer will be introduced to the buyer of the product.

Stating that attracting youth to agriculture is the biggest challenge, Sardesai said the challenge is being taken up seriously. “We have taken up all the reforms but still the youngsters do not want to do farming. This is a challenge to transform farming into serious income centric business. There is no difficulty to do it,” he said.


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