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Mini-supermarket project for Kudumbasree farmers

The Kudumbasree Poverty Eradication Mission, Wayanad, has joined with Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS), a people’s initiative in animal husbandry and agriculture sectors in the district, to launch farmers’ mini- supermarket project to market the entire range of products being produced by Kudumbasree units.

K.P. Jayachandran, Assistant coordinator, Kudumbasree, Wayanad, said, "Close to 3,000 Kudumbasree members are working in 605 micro-enterprises and close to 40,000 members are working in dairying, agriculture, animal husbandry, and allied sectors under as many as 6,525 joint liability groups (JLGs) of the mission to earn livelihood.”

But Kudumbasree products are not able to compete with products of multinational companies in the market owing to the dearth of training facilities and technical know-how to market their produce, Mr. Jayachandran said.
The mini-supermarket project would be an answer to this, he said.

According to a memorandum of understanding with the BDS, all products of Kudumbasree would be collected by the latter at a minimum support price and they would market the products through the mini- supermarkets to be established in the Malabar region under a brand name after value-addition and grading.

300 mini-supermarkets would be opened before Onam in Malabar region.

The Kudumbasree unit members would organise a house visit campaign on August 23 and 24 in the district in connection with launching of the project.


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