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Agri Information: Use of Modern Technology for Farm Sector Data Collection.

New Delhi: Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister asked the Statistics Ministry to generate "timely and accurate" data related to farm sector, use modern technologies like remote sensing.

Mr. Singh also asked the ministry to ensure the National Sample Survey (NSS) is conducted once in five years instead of 10 years to "assess the economic situation of farmers" so that the government can frame timely policies based on the data.

While addressing an event organised by the Statistics Ministry to commemorate 10th Statistics Day, Singh said "We are aiming to double farmers' income in five years, for which timely and accurate data is required for making right policies."

There is a need to use modern technologies like remote sensing, in order to address time lag in agri-data, adding that such technologies are now being promoted in ministry for collecting horticulture data.

Singh said "If data is wrong, then such policies will not yield any results so not only timely data, quality data is also required. Our policies are based on data."

The minister also shared how the agri-data helped the government to put in place contingency plan in the last two drought years and envisage various agriculture schemes like Gokul Mission.

He also emphasised on using modern technologies for this purpose. For timely and efficient agri-data data, Statistics and Planning Implementation Secretary T C A Anant announced the plans to start a pilot project to evaluate feasibility of scientifically incorporating the satellite information into the traditional agriculture yield estimates.

He added, "This pilot is simply a method to see if we can achieve data and information. Based on the pilot study, we will speak to states. I hope in future we will be able to get more accurate data."