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Agriculture Information : Using RS and GIS, Development and Management of Tea Areas

Tea is one of the most important beverages in India. India is the largest producer of tea in the world.

Remote Sensing data and Geographical Information System (GIS), is emerging as an flexible, efficient, speedy, cost-effective and reliable technology for obtaining information on natural resources analysis and modeling.

Based upon the encouraging results of the pilot study Tea Board principally agreed upon formally to initiate the project on “Tea area development and management using Remote Sensing and GIS”.

At the completion of the project the package will be installed at Tea Board server. Major objectives of this system are given below:
Mapping of tea growing areas using high-resolution Indian satellite data.
Analysis of detailed tea garden land use and mapping.
Geo-referencing of tea garden maps with respect to satellite data and creation of spatial garden database.
Identification of degraded tea areas for uprooting and re-plantation.
Generation of fine quality Digital Elevation Model (DEM) using Cartosat-1 satellite stereo pair.
Use of Cartosat-1 DEM for generation of potential surface water flow lines for diversion of flood water.
Site suitability analysis for new area of tea plantation.
Monitoring uprooting and re-plantation activities.
Generation of comprehensive database of natural resources and infrastructure of Tea gardens.
Development of comprehensive web-enabled GIS and MIS for the Tea gardens to establish network between Tea Board, Tea Research Institutes and Tea Gardens for better management and also to provide technical support to Tea gardens.