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Agriculture Information : NESARA Agriculture Extension Project for Indian Farmers

Vaishak Kumar, 22 a senior at the University of Pennsylvania going to establish the NESARA agriculture extension project. NESARA targets the vast majority of farmers in India who are semi-literate with small land holdings that generate little income.

NESARA will set up a low cost mobile lab in Mysore to teach farmers basic agronomy, the science that looks at agriculture from an integrated, holistic perspective to understand the properties of soil and how it interacts with growing crops, “the distance you have to plant seeds so they don’t compete for nutrients and water and die, using fertilizers in ways that don’t adversely affect the environment, advising them against using harmful pesticides and insecticides and using seeds that grow the best in their micro climate.

Kumar believed that there were fast and efficient ways to get agricultural knowledge to farmers, hence a plan to use wireless phone technology. Kumar says,We will be sending them timely alerts about the weather and certain stages of the agricultural cycle and provide them with information that goes with the reminders.

An image of a rotten leaf could be sent to a crop scientist to determine what’s wrong with it and how to treat it. The scientist could provide answers through a text message or telephone conversation. Instead of waiting for the entire crop to die, the farmer could take action based on the diagnosis.

We’re going to improve the way they do agriculture so they get a better yield and we’re going to help them best market the product to get the best price and hopefully better income,” Kumar says.