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Integration of Agri Data Carrying Out by Maharashtra Government

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government realize that there is need to improve the agricultural data, so they set to improve the agricultural data and its analysis with further integration which is essential for various types of works.

This exercise is focused at making the data regarding agricultural land holdings, various categories of farmers and other necessary information, crop patterns, available easily.

Maharashtra State Settlement Commissioner and Directorate of Land Records recorded the information like the ownership of land, which crops are cultivated in areas and irrigation resources. The all data of more than half of the Maharashtra’s population has been digitised and validated and now it is being shared with state agriculture department for further work.

Maharashtra Settlement Commissioner Sambhaji Kadu Patil, "This type of integration of data is essential for the state for various types of works."

State Agriculture department has decided to access the micro-level crop pattern and land ownership data for carrying out agricultural Census, as this data is available with the settlement commissionerate. As data was collected manually, so conducting such Census used to be a tedious process earlier, said Patil.

The first stage of the Census 2016 is going to be finished by the end of this year, said Vikas Deshmukh, State Agriculture Commissioner.

Once comprehensive data is available, it will help the administration during policy formation, said a senior Agriculture department officer.

He said that, agriculture is still one of the largest job creating professions and it is labour intensive as well. The data also provides trends in agriculture, farmer’s inclination and variation in cropping patterns. Comprehensive data on agricultural sector is necessary and its proper integration would be more helpful.

If the number of marginal farmers is growing in the state, then it means agricultural productivity is likely to affect.