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Agriculture Information : mKisan web portal helps Kolhapur farmers

Farmers in the Kolhapur district are increasingly using the technology to stay updated on all possible information needed for a better crop production. Near about 1.87 lakh farmers in Kolhapur have enrolled to get text updates on their mobile phones through the Union agriculture ministry's mKisan web portal.

This updates provides information on weather, crop-related free advices based on geography, suggestions on sowing, information about pesticides, water management and market rates. The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Kolhapur unit is implementing the mKisan project in Kolhapur.

mKisan offers several services, along with SMSs. These messages are beneficial to the farmers in their needs. The other services include internet, touch screen kiosks, agri-clinics, private kiosks, mass media, common service centres, Kisan call centres and integrated platforms in the departmental offices.

"The state government has launched a campaign to make sure every farmer having a mobile phone is registered to the portal” Basavraj Mastoli, project director of ATMA, Kolhapur said.

“Kolhapur is the number three position in terms of registration in the state. We have established a system from the village to the district level for farmers, from where they can get registered to the portal" he added.

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