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Global Organic Convention 2019, during 15-17 Sept. 2019

Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Soil Health and Quality Food, September 15-17, 2019
Date: 15-17 Sept. 2019
Organized by:
Centre for Organic Agricultural Research and Training
Society of Agriculture Research and Development, Dr. P.D.K.V., Akola

Broad themes for Lead, Oral Paper/Poster Presentations:
Organic Agricultural & Horticultural Research
Sustainable Production in Changing Climate
Food Security, Food Safety, Quality Management & Soil Health Management
Quality Production of Bio Inputs and uses of INM & IPDM
Traditional Approaches in Crop Management / ITK
Organic Seed bank and Propagation Technology
Resource conservation Technique
Conversion of Wastes into Wealth Composting
Certification/ Standardization/ PHT/ Marketing and Export
Establishment of Linkage with organic growers
Livestock Management for Sustainable Organic Farming

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th June 2019
Lead Paper Submission Deadline: 15th July 2019
For Communication and Further Details
Email: soardindia[at], coartpdkvakola[at]


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