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ATMA conducted agricultural activities across state

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) has been continuing their activities across the state to improve the skills of farmers and keep them in touch with the latest advances in agricultural technology.

Kuhuboto Block: ATMA-Dimapur Kuhuboto Block conducted a demonstration on “Systematic Castor Plantation” and “Maize cultivation” at S.Hotovi village, under Kuhuboto Block, Dimapur on April 17.A press release from ATMA said that Vilhousienuo began to illustrate the importance of castor plants which are the main food plant of Eri silkworm. Essentially, castor is a drought tolerant crop which grows under varied climate conditions but is highly susceptible to water logged conditions. Holo began his topic with an illustration on the importance of maize crop which ranks next to rice.

Chessore Block: Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Chessore block Tuensang conducted Kisan Gosthi, training and demonstration programme on April 23 at Chessore village with ATM, Wapang, ATM, James and ATM, Yamukum as resource persons. A press release by ATMA Chessore block Tuensang stated that during the training programme resource person Yamukum spoke on the topic Alder based shifting or Jhum cultivation. He also gave a demonstration on package and practice of pineapple. Wapang gave a demonstration on cultivation of oyster mushroom where he showed the step by step procedure on how to cultivate mushrooms. He also demonstrated seed priming of maize. James, demonstrated Kholar spacing and vermi-composting.

Jalukie Block: ATMA Jalukie block, Peren conducted a training & demonstration on use and application of bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants on April 24 at Jalukie town. A press release from ATMA Jalukie block, Peren stated that resource person, Isapeule educated the farmers on the concept and working of bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants in agriculture. The resource also person demonstrated application methods like seed treatment, seedling dipping, set treatment, foliar spray and soil application and also explained application dosage.

ATMA Phek: ATMA Phek in collaboration with KVK, Kamrup-Assam (a recipient of best ICAR Award and best Zonal KVK Award) organised an “inter-state farmer’s training” with a trip to Assam on April 26-27. A press release issued by ATMA Phek stated that the training was organised with an objective to provide first-hand information about the economics and market conditions of agricultural commodities and also to train the farmers on production packages of animal husbandry especially poultry farming.

Tsurangkong block: ATMA Tsurangkong block, Mokokchung conducted trainings, demonstrations, field days and group mobilization of farmers from April 24 to 27 at Aokum, Longphayimsen, Moayimti and Chungtiayimsen villages. A press release by BTT convenor, Dr. Longeronen stated that resource person ATM, Nugshiyangerla trained the farmers on oyster mushroom at Longphayimsen on April 25 and distributed mushroom spawns. ATM, Lipokrenla and Nungshiyangerla trained the farmers on value addition to horticultural crops, at Moayimti village on April 26. ATM, Zulutoshi conducted demonstration on soil conservation at Aokum village on April 24 wherein a method demonstration on perimeter run off control was shown. BTM, Moanukshi demonstrated use of bio control agents at Chungtiayimsen village on April 27 and distributed trichoderma among the farmers.

ATMA Longleng: ATMA Longleng organized a within state farmers exposure tour from April 24 to 25 to ICAR Research complex for NEH Region and Molvom village, Medziphema. Also, an interstate farmers training tour to Horticultural Research Station Kahikuchi, Guwahati was organized by ATMA Longleng from April 26 to 30. Altogether, 10 progressive farmers from different villages joined the within state exposure tour and interstate farmers training tour.


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