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Agriculture student graduates have many job opportunities in areas such as poultry, horticulture, agriculture extension, dairy, soil analysis etc. There are many job opportunities for agriculture students after graduation, post graduation and doctorate in respected area.

Once you got agriculture degree, one may become- Agricultural and natural resource production specialists, Financial and marketing specialists, Social services professionals, Technical service representative and Scientist. Various designations of agriculture jobs are as follows.

Agricultural and natural resource production specialists
• Aquaculturist
• Farmer
• Feedlot manager
• Fruit and vegetable grower
• Greenhouse manager
• Farm manager
• Nursery products grower
• Pest manager
• Viticulturist
• Wildlife manager

Financial and marketing specialists
• Auditor
• Business manager or owner
• Commodity broker
• Consultant
• Credit analyst
• Sales manager
• Financial analyst
• Government program manager
• Grain merchandiser
• Grants manager
• Market analyst
• Purchasing manager
• Research and development manager

• Animal scientist
• Food scientist
• Fisheries biologist
• Marine biologist
• Plant scientist
• Quality assurance specialist
• Research technician
• Soil scientist
• Water quality specialist
• Wildlife biologist
• Social services professionals
• Career counselor
• Conservation officer
• Food inspector
• Technical service representative

Communication and education specialists
• College instructor or professor
• Conservationist
• Editor
• Educational specialist
• Information specialist
• Writer

India is among the largest producers of vegetables and fruits in the world and has an equally strong floriculture base. India has tremendous export potential with increasing demand for Indian agri-food products whether raw or processed in countries outside India. With the commercialization of agribusiness, there are various opportunities for salaried jobs as well as entrepreneurship.

There are opportunities for agriculture professionals in state and central government on various posts such as research scientist, Agro-meteorologist, Research Engineer, Agronomist, consultant etc.

Various banks offer career opportunities to agriculture professionals for sanctioning loans to farmers, issuing various agriculture insurance schemes and releasing agriculture subsidies. Agriculture professionals are also involved in policy making in banks and NGOs.

Landscapers and horticulturists are hired by hotels, farms, and holiday resorts to beautify their surroundings. Florists and nurseries are doing lucrative business especially in the metropolitan cities. Suburban farmhouses have become important suppliers for the domestic market.

Agriculture career opportunities in private agri-business sectors are District Extension Specialists, Assistant Plant Pathologist, Assistant Bacteriologist, Assistant Botanist, Assistant Soil Chemist, Junior Pathologist, Assistant Economic Botanist, Assistant Fruit Breeder, Assistant Seed Research Officer, Junior Entomologist, Assistant Breeder, Junior Breeder , Junior Agronomist, Assistant Vegetable Botanist , Seed Production Assistant, Assistant Research Scientist, Assistant Plant Physiologist, Plant Pathologist, Breeder, Agro-meteorologist, Economic Botanist, Research Engineer, Agronomist.

There is a wide scope in seed industry, pesticide, insecticide producing companies for research and development, sales officer, primary and secondary research.

One can choose career under ICAR in the areas of research; one can become an Agricultural Research Scientists (ARS). The recruitment to these posts is made through ARS/ NET examination conducted for Scientist post and lectureship. Presently ASRB has changed the ARS/NET exam criteria. Now ASRB will conduct ARS/NET (Preliminary and Main) examination. Only those candidates who qualify the preliminary examination will be called for Main examination. Candidate for ARS interview will be selected on the basis of performance in main examination.

Also ICAR has better option for agricultural graduates, postgraduates and for doctorate degree holders. Bachelor degree holder can apply for some technical post in concerned discipline. Also some technical post of level of T-5 (Technical Officer) is better option for postgraduate and above the Technical(T-5) post like T-6 etc and subject matter specialist in Krishi Vigyan Kendras are better opportunities for Ph.D degree holders.

Agriculture Engineering is one of largest sector in private companies. This includes research and development of tractors, agriculture or farming machinery, tillers, agro-processing machinery such as shellars, decorticator, cleaning, harvesters, rotors, planting machines, insecticide sprayers, irrigation management machines and various tools.

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