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Brainstorming Meeting on “Vision - 2047 of the Agricultural Engineering Institutes” Organized

June 2022- To discuss the “Vision - 2047 Documents of the Agricultural Engineering Institutes”, the Brainstorming Meeting was organized at the Division of Agricultural Engineering of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

Dr. S.N. Jha, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Engineering), ICAR briefed about the main objective of the Meeting.

The following suggestions were made by the Experts during the deliberations:

The outcome and allocation of resources; SWOT analysis based on elaborate survey; analysis of historical data on farm mechanization, post-harvest processing & value-addition, post-harvest losses, irrigation and energy in agriculture, etc., shall be included in the Document before the future projections and proposed activities to be taken-up.

The Vision - 2047 Document may take into consideration the socio-economic conditions of the stakeholders, especially, the farmers of the country.

The future strategies shall involve all the stakeholders including farmers, Entrepreneurs, traders, manufacturers, industries and government departments, etc.
To start the educational programmes in each Institute and develop each Institute as an Integrated Campus.

There is a need to revise the curriculum of Agricultural Engineering Courses being offered in the country for preparing the quality manpower to face the challenges.

Around 17 Subject Matter Experts including the Former Deputy Directors Generals, ICAR and Vice-Chancellors of State Agricultural Universities participated and deliberated during the Meeting.


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