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Plant Pathology Jobs

Agriculture coursework include many branches such as agriculture extension, horticulture, aquaculture, food technology, dairy technology, plant pathology etc. Plant Pathology is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and other microbes that cause diseases of plants.

The branch focuses on understanding of how hosts, pathogens, and environment interact to cause plant diseases and on understanding how to control plant diseases. A plant pathologist is a person who specializes in plant health.

If you have interest in agriculture and biology, you can select plant pathology as career. Plant pathology is related to microbiology, bio-informatics, mycology, biochemistry, virology etc.

Students can choose plant pathology after 10+2 in agri graduation course with specialization. Various research projects regarding plant breeding, plant biotechnology, plant protection, entomology, nematology, weed science projects are conducted in agriculture institutes offering job opportunities to Plant pathologists.

Plant pathologists interact with plant breeders and crop management, to provide suitable solution to present situation or problem. Plant pathologists and bioengineers also are cooperating closely in developing disease-resistant plant varieties, preserving food from spoilage, developing new strains of organisms for biological control, and even in developing composting processes for solid waste disposal.

Plant pathologists work together with agricultural producers, food processors, landscape and forest managers or other professionals involved in growing or managing plants.

Job opportunities for Plant Pathologist:
• Research & product development,
• Sales,
• Teaching, Extension work,
• Private practice

Plant Pathologist professionals can work in government (agriculture inspector) and nonprofit organizations and corporations to participate in teams of specialists addressing international agricultural development.

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