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Hester Biosciences launches PPR vaccine and Goat Pox vaccine

Gujarat headquartered Hester Biosciences Limited, which is also India’s leading animal biological & health care company has launched its PPR (Peste Des Petits Ruminants) vaccine and Goat Pox vaccine.

With the launch of these vaccines as well as being the second largest poultry vaccine manufacturer in India, Hester has positioned itself to capitalize on upcoming opportunities in the animal health care industry globally as well as in India.

PPR vaccine is given once in a year to sheep and goats. PPR disease causes dysentery and death of the animal. It is therefore a disease of high economical importance worldwide. The total targeted population of sheep and goat for PPR vaccine in the world is 145 crores. In India, the targeted population is 20 crores.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, CEO & MD, Hester Biosciences Ltd said “The world market for PPR vaccine is slated to be for INR 300 crores annually. The Indian market is slated to be INR 40 crores annually. The PPR vaccine will contribute toward also the disease eradication programs of the Government of India. Hester is also the first company in India to manufacture the Goat Pox vaccine. This vaccine is to be given annually to goats. Goat Pox disease causes death in Goats.”

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