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'Milk Master Milking Machine' Affordable to All Farmers

Finding skilled labour for milking a small herd of cows is a problem often faced by a small-time farmer. Adding to this is the fact that milking by hand is not considered healthy or hygienic anymore. But milking using a machine is a luxury which only a large farm or dairy house can boast of, calling for a huge investment in power supply and machinery.

All of these set school teacher-farmer, Raghava Gowda, thinking very hard about developing an alternate means of mechanized milking which would be affordable to all farmers.

He observed the working of the Gutter spray pump, used for spraying pesticides. He came up with the idea of using PVC teat cups and a plastic pipe on the Gutter pump. Thus he developed the first machine and began experimenting on his own farm.

Experimenting with it further he switched over to a foot press. It took him four years of hard work and 15 models to finally arrive at the successful milking machine and at last Raghava is satisfied that the machine is problem free.

Raghava has developed an elaborate, refined milking machine that can milk cows and buffaloes using a set of reciprocating vacuum pumps with a vacuum gauge, a suction assembly unit and an air bubble free well gasketed milk canister to receive the milk. The suction assembly has two sub-assemblies with a set of nipples and stainless steel plate on one side and transparent conduit pipes and a regulator valve on the other.

He has got good responses from universities, banks & other government agencies. The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, had given him a certificate during the Krishimela. The Syndicate bank, Hiriyadka, also has given a certificate in appreciation of his innovation. But so far he has not been approached with any business enquiries or for licensing the technology.

The advantages of this milking machine are manifold. It is easy to operate, costs low, saves time as it milks 1.5 litre to 2 litres per minute. It is also very hygienic and energy-conserving as electricity is not required. All the milk from the udder can be removed. The machine is also easily adaptable and gives a suckling feeling to the cow and avoids pain in the udder as well as leakage of milk.

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