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Agriculture Tourism: Your ticket to A Real-Life Farmville Experience

Monsoon brings with it some simple pleasures.
Case in point, the 'bhat lavni' experience. With the season comes the time when farmers start planting and replanting rice. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, then you must sign up for a rice plantation, or bhat lavni outing, this weekend.

Jayesh Paranjape of The Western Routes, who will be taking a group of Puneites on a bhat lavni trip to Shilimb village, says, "We've done such trips before, and the experience is always wonderful. While this is a usual chore for the local farmers, it's a new found experience for city people like us. Though the activity is great fun, it also ends up teaching us about the hard work it requires."

But there are other places that one could head to for such an experience, Durshet (Khapoli), and the postcard hamlet of Wai (enroute Panchgani), for a couple of examples. Milan Wadkar, who will be conducting a two-day rice plantation weekend at Krishna River Camp in Wai, says, "This is a special time for us. June heralding the onset of monsoon, and the rains gathering momentum in July, result in water springs that mark the official start of the rice plantation season in our belt."

Jayesh and Milan inform that bhat lavni is ideally done standing barefoot in fields, in almost knee-deep water. But you don't have to worry about being left to fend for yourself. "The session is preceded by some briefing about the process and the crop pattern by the local experts," says Jayesh. Once done, soak in the simplicity of village life as you enjoy a tractor and bullock cart ride, or play traditional games and weave cane artefacts.


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