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Protein Awareness Campaign in Telangana by Poultry India.

Advisory body Poultry India launched the second leg of its protein awareness campaign in Telangana to raise awareness regarding the alarming levels of protein deficiency among Indians.

According to estimates, India has 194.6 million protein deficient and malnourished people, of which more than 65 million children are under the age of 5 — the highest in the world.

"It was an irony that such high-levels of protein deficiency existed in India despite the fact that country's poultry industry (poultry products being a major source of protein) is one of the largest in the world contributing Rs 95,000 crore to the economy each year," said Telangana Poultry Breeders Association president G Ranjith Reddy.

One out of every five eggs produced in India is from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

"Despite improvements in income levels, the food habits of Indians have deteriorated over years. Instead of increasing their protein intake, people have upped the consumption of carbohydrates. We need one gram of protein for each kilogram of our body weight daily. This is the message Poultry India wants to spread through this program," said Harish Garware, executive committee member, Poultry India.