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Rajasthan Animal Husbandry is Witnessing a Gradual Slump.

Jaipur: Animal husbandry which is the backbone of rural household income in Rajasthan is witnessing a gradual slump. According to national sample survey (NSSO) which is released in February shows that in the state, number of livestock per 100 households has come down from 517 in the year 1971-72 to just 202 in 2012-13 and other livestock also show the decline over the decades.

The number of sheep in 1971-72 were 504 per 100 household which were reduced to 292 in 2012-13. Number of poultry also reduced from 21 to 19 per 100 households during the same period. The survey was conducted in 3,363 households in 214 villages of Rajasthan in the year 2013.

The reason for this is changing season pattern and unpredictable rainfall, the allied agriculture activities have come under stress, says experts.

As per the 19th livestock census held in 2012, there are 5.7 crore livestock and 80.24 lakh poultry. Animal husbandry is the major economic activity of the rural people, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of Rajasthan. Development of livestock sector has a significant beneficial impact in generating employment and reducing poverty in rural areas.

Survey says that in Rajasthan, percentage distribution of land under animal farming was maximum. Area owned by each household having major source of income from self-employment in livestock farming (SELF) stood at 2.70 hectare. 87% area was used for dairy while 12% was found under farming of other animals.