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Livestock Farming: Increase in Poultry Production and Poultry Farmer's Income

The 28th Annual Meeting of the Poultry Federation of India was held in Hyderabad. The Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Shri. Radha Mohan Singh expressed his views regarding increase in business, problems associated with farmers and traders, and assistance given by Government of India.

Mr. Singh informed that, the egg production with an annual growth rate of nearly 5% has reached 78 billion egg production, poultry meat production is estimated to be 3 million metric tonne and at present the poultry products export is around Rs. 768 crore in 2015-16. So there is increase in poultry production and income of poultry farmers.

Shri Singh also discussed about the problems in the poultry industry. He said that, the small and large farmers have to grapple with them from time to time and one of the issues is spread of avian influenza which is a serious impediment to the development of this industry.

The Minister said that poultry production is not only an important source of subsidiary income generation for many landless and marginal farmers but also provides nutritional security to the rural poor. The Government of India under its initiative programme of National Livestock Mission aims at sustainable growth and development of livestock sector including poultry. Under the National Livestock Mission there are provision for a number of poultry farming and allied activities.