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This Year Egg Prices Break Record in Hyderabad City.

Hyderabad: Egg prices in the Hyderabad city peaked at Rs 440 for 100 eggs, the highest ever. The average consumer will now have to pay up to Rs 24 extra per dozen.

With the aim of keeping retail rates in the range of Rs 4 and 4.25 per egg, wholesale prices are fixed by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) for different cities. But retail prices have soared to anywhere between Rs 5 and Rs 5.50 per egg with wholesale prices of each egg hovering around Rs 4.40.

According to NECC data, last year wholesale prices on May 17 were Rs 290 for 100 eggs, so in just a year there is an increase of Rs 150. Before touching the Rs 440-mark, the wholesale price of eggs in the city was highest in January this year at Rs 410, says industry experts.

NECC business manager Sanjeev Chintawar said, "The city has never observed such high prices. The production of eggs has come down by nearly 60 lakh per day in Telangana, with a shortage of 50 lakh eggs in the city alone."

According to Poultry breeders, drying water resources, rising prices of poultry feed and an increase in transportation costs are the reasons of egg price rise.

Experts said that only the onset of monsoon can reduce the prices now. Several districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which has the third largest poultry farming sector in the country, are also facing a similar situation. Price touched to Rs 463 in Chittoor, Visakhapatnam at Rs 430, East Godavari and West Godavari at Rs 420.