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Azotobacter: By July-End, Bio-fertilizer Unit to be Fully Operational

For the benefit of the farming community, Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Tirupati, will soon be introducing a full-fledged "bio-fertilizer production unit" as a part of promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The facility will be completely operational by the end of July.

The project was sanctioned in 2014-15 with an outlay of Rs.1.75 crore. Initially it began with a limited infrastructure contributing towards producing 12 tonnes of bio-fertiliser (azotobacter) per annum.

IFT principal scientist T. Murali Krishna said, “The usage of bio-fertilizer is picking up pace and gaining popularity among the farmers. Many of them have realised the impact of chemical fertilizers on soil fertility and environment, hence the shift to bio-fertilizers owing to its natural components.”

At the facility, the production of dry bio-fertilizers (azotobacter) is currently focused by the officials. “Usage of bio-fertilizers can reduce the dependence on chemical-based ones by more than 30%."

The ANGRAU officials are further planning to introduce ‘liquid bio-fertilizer unit’ which was sanctioned for 2015-16 with an outlay of Rs.1.63 crore by 2017.