There are many ways you can support indian agriculture & some of the practical projects are included here. These projects will be executed with the help of renowned NGO's.

1.Sponsor Radio Programme
2.Sponsor a Publication on Agriculture
3.Sponsor an Agriculture Improvement and awareness project
5.Partner with us
6.Creation Of CD on Farm Management, Pest Control, Organic Farming, Harvesting
7.Sponsor a Video Van

Sponsor an Agriculture Improvement and awareness project

You can also revolutionize Indian Agriculture by doing simple things like creation of awareness about profitable agriculture strategies, new Agri-technologies, new seeds and products.

You can sponsor a project by providing monetary help. The project list includes:


To hold Campus Seminar for Agri-graduates for incubation and promotion of effective agriculture techniques.


Set up a agriculture clinic with a PC, Internet Connection, Books and a fulltime Agriculture expert to introduce new seeds, Agri-technology, irrigation technology, new ideas of income generation.


To provide reliable data on demand - supply and marketing scenario through website.


Provide or sponsor Computer, used Vehicle, used Laptop , used PDA, Books, support agriculture survey, provide quality seed and planting material, information dissemination on essential quality norms for export of agriculture produce.


There are many such projects and they can be executed by renowned NGOs with minimum cost and in fixed time frame to achieve maximum benefit.

If you are interested in this project please get in touch with us so that we can send you all details and how to proceed about this to make it successful in true sense.



If you want to help to provide more features and in depth localised information and if you want to help us to invest in rural and agriculture research and development programme then you can sponsor various features on Please send a mail to and we will get in touch with you.


Sponsor a Publication

Publication of a series of booklets and distribution to popularize modern agriculture techniques


Monetary help to start a Agri-Magazine to promote new technologies, increase in productivity, motivate entrepreneurship among Agri-graduates.


Partner With us

If you are interested in becoming a investor in agriculture knowledge research then a separate entity can be created with your help to give a boost to the efforts to help Indian agriculturist.


Sponsor a Radio Programme
To sponsor radio programme for effective delivery of information to Farmers.


Creation Of CD on Farm Management, Pest Control, Organic Farming, Harvesting

You can help us to prepare and distribute Audio Cassettes and Multimedia CD on demonstration of various technologies, various crop practices, pest management, irrigation practices, etc.


Sponsor a Video Van

To own and run a agriculture I-van where a van fitted with pc and video projector will tour entire length and breadth of the country to promote cost effective income generation in agriculture via a video demo at small villages. Mobile video van for demonstration of good crop practices and for Medicinal plant, Aromatic plant, Herbals and Organic Farming.