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The portal is started with a vision of improvement of Indian agriculture practices, improvement in quality of life for Indian farmer and makes Indian agriculture a pleasant activity with the help of latest information availability to improved decision making. has spent substantial money without any profit motive on this venture but the subject of providing reliable, timely and meaningful information requires huge amount of resources. This is possible only with the help of thousand of partners and well-wishers. We wish you become a member of this ever-growing family of professionals, farmers , sponsors to make it a reality. This web site and the services are provided by a team of agri-professionals, employees, web developers, computer operators, rural consultants, agriculture input suppliers, etc.

We request you to associate with us and become part of indiaagronet family to provide meaningful help to Indian agriculturist. He need you to understand sustainable agriculture, organic farming, latest market information with demand supply analysis, growing medicinal and herbal plants, micro- irrigation concepts, farm management practices and lot of such practical help to improve profitability, overcome in-debt ness cycle and generate capital to invest in agriculture projects. Some of this projects will be executed will be effected through reputed NGO because of there local presence and expertise.

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