Trends in spices exports

The Spices Board may not achieve the export target of Rs. 2,000 crore for the current year. Spices exports have dropped both in terms of quantity and value in the first two months of the current financial year. Exports during April-May ’00 have dropped to 30,820 tonnes, valued at Rs.235.07 crore, from 52,254 tonnes, valued at Rs. 399.38 crore in the corresponding period of last year. Overall exports during ‘99-00 touched about 2.08 lakh tonnes, valued at Rs. 1,861.02 crore against the target of 2.17 lakh tonnes, valued at Rs.1,748 crore. In ‘98-99 exports touched 2.31 lakh tonnes, valued at Rs.1,758.02 crore. This year the Spices Board has fixed the export target at 2,27,750 tonnes, valued at Rs.2,000 crore.

Countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are dominating the market as far as pepper is concerned. Similarly, China and Nigeria have grabbed a sizeable market for ginger this year. Export of chillies has also come under serious pressure as Pakistan is out with its stock. This is for the first time in the last 4-5 years that Indian exporters are playing second fiddle. Currently Indian exporters are exporting purely on the basis of quality and long standing business relations. Exports of pepper have dropped from 10,897 tonnes, valued at Rs. 204 crore to 4,000 tonnes, valued at Rs.85.60 crore. Similarly, exports of chilli have dropped from 13,667 tonnes, valued at Rs. 55.73 crore to 9,000 tonnes, valued at Rs.30.60 crore.

Exports of turmeric have dropped from 7,968 tonnes, valued at Rs. 24.63 crore to 4,500 tonnes, valued at Rs. 13 crore. Also, ginger exports have dropped from 1,433 tonnes, valued at Rs.4.06 crore to 230 tonnes, valued at Rs 1.71 crore. Exports of seed spices, such as coriander, has dropped from 3,404 tonnes, valued at Rs. 7.95 crore, to 2,500 tonnes, valued at Rs. 6.25 crore. Exports of cuminseed have dropped from 1,691 tonnes, valued at Rs.10.88 crore, to 500 tonnes, valued at Rs.3.06 crore. Similarly celery exports have dropped from 521 tonnes, valued at Rs.1.40 crore to 200 tonnes, valued at Rs. 51 lakh. Fennelseed exports have dropped from 644 tonnes, valued at Rs.2.96 crore, to 250 tonnes, valued at Rs. 1.12 crore and exports of fenugreek dropped from 2,204 tonnes valued at Rs 3.96 crirem to 1,100 tonnes, valued at Rs.2.75 crore.