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From amongst the wide range of flowers, only certain type of flowers are grown as cutflowers because of their special features, particularly long stem or stalk. For example, rose, carnation, gerbera, gladiolus, tuberose, anthurium, etc. In modern "Hi-tech" method the cutflowers are grown in polyhouses/greenhouses. But the quality of flowers produced is superior, because inside climate or micro-climate such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation etc is controlled. Even water application is also controlled.


  • Planting Medium

Planting medium should be adequately porous and well-drained. The optimum planting, density recommended for large flowering cultivars is 8-10 plants/m2. Two –row or 4-row planting systems are generally used.

  • Planting Time

Planting can be done round the year but preferably during September-October. The plants should be left undisturbed for 2 years for flower production (no separation of clumps). Treating plants with GA3 (100 ppm) results in early flowering having long stems.

  • Temperature

The temperature during day time should be 16-200C and 120C during nights.


Jaffa, Sangria, Rosula, Oprab, Romona, Salina, Tecora and Starlight.

The harvesting stage is critical as the flowers should not be cut before the outer row of flowers show pollen, or the flowers will wilt and close at night.

Optimum storage temperature (wet) for gerbera is 40C. The flowers could be stored efficiently up to 4 weeks.


Most modern cultivars of gerbera yield 250-300 good quality flowers/m2/year.


These flowers are produced for export purpose and also for domestic market. Since cutflowers are of specific type and produced in polyhouses they are fresh and tender and since they are produced for specific purpose, great care is needed in their marketing viz. packing, handling, storage and transport. There should be minimum handling and transport should be quick with cooling and refrigeration facility.

Final consumer use

These flowers are mainly used for preparing bouquets, which are used in functions and ceremonies to welcome guests, and to felicitate great utility and hence fetch high prices.