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Animal Feeds

Horticulture wastes as animal feed

Orange wastes - Orange wastes in the form of peels, rags and seeds are dried as a livestock feed in Florida and California. These are low in crude proteins, fibers and fat but rich in carbohydrates.

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Wisby Probiotic Starter Cultures

The subject probiotics currently is on everyone’s lips. Probiotic germs (probio = for life) are defined as micro organisms, which positively influence human or animal health by there metabolism.

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TRIO-NB SAC contains a strain of yeast, which acts as rumen modulator, resulting in higher milk fat content and more milk production.

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Urea-Molasses-Mineral-Block (UMMB)

Excellent Cattle Fodders Pvt. Ltd. on technical collaboration with National Diary Development Board, Anand, has manufactured the cattle feed Urea-Molasses-Mineral-Block (UMMB).

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MMF(More Milk Formula Herbal)

With more and more threats from the inorganic and synthetic formulations in livestock, scientists the world over has shifted to safe, economical and natural formulations due to their lesser side-effects to the humen through secretion into milk.

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