Kasugamycin: a unique fungicide and bactericide

Kasugamycin a unique fungicide and bactericide from Hokko Chemicals Ind.Co. Ltd., Japan, a versatile potent molecule registered in India to control paddy blast disease, a serious problem causing 30-40% crop damage, is likely to be launched for the first time in Indian market by Dhanuka Group of Companies, New Delhi, during current year Dhannuka Group has already entered into a technical association agreement with the Japanese principles, to this effect. It is expected that paddy growers in India will be greatly benefited with the introduction of Kasugamycin.


Natural Protective Shield against Fungal Diseases in Agriculture.

Functions of Biosil: Prevention of fungal diseases.  Biosil, an ecofriendly product contains biologically activated silica in potentised form.

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Control of Fungus on Rice Seed

Fungus causes a change in colour of rice seeds. The quality of seeds deteriorate and affects the production adversely. To control this fungus, juice of leaves of Nirgudi, Kundumani, Bel and Illupai is effective. Or prepare an extract of 20 g of leaves by crushing it in cold water. Filter this extract through muslin cloth and make 100 ml solution. Before sowing the rice seeds in soil, put the seeds in the solution of any one of the above given plants.

Phule Trichoderma, a Useful Fungus

Trichoderma is parasitic fungus, which feeds on other fungi causing diseases to crops. It controls the growth of disease causing fungi. Wilt disease is mainly found in fruits and vegetables. It is caused by fungi. These fungi remain in soil for a long time and affect the production. To control these harmful fungi, biological control is an effective method. Prepare paste of 5g Trichoderma per kg of seed and apply uniformly to the seeds. Then dry the seeds in shade and sow immediately (by labret). To control the fungi in soil, mix 2.5 to 3 kg Trichoderma in 25 kg FYM and apply uniformly in the soil and irrigate. It is a eco-friendly product.

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