Honey Mango Squash

Take honey (200g), mango pulp (200g) and sugar in water to make 1 liter of mixture.  Dissolve the contents by heating (60oC) and stirring constantly.  Add citric acid (4g) and potassium metabisulphate (0.2g).  Store it in airtight containers.  One part of this concentrate diluted to 3 parts of water make 1 glass (200ml) drink.

Honey and Lemon products

  1. Honey jam: Honey 100g, sugar 600g, lime juice – one lime, liquid pectin 100 ml, water 500 ml, Mix all the ingredients in a pan and bring to a quick boil in a pressure cooker. Mix well and pour in a wide mouthed bottled with an air tight cap.

  2. Honey Candy: Honey 100g, sugar 50 g, juice-one lime, water 50 ml, Mix all the ingredients in a vessel and pack in a poly tube (Pepsi type). Store in a refrigerator. This product will be specially loved by children.

  3. Honey lemon squash: Honey 300 g, sugar 200g, lime juice fresh 250ml, Potassium metabisulphate 0.15g, Citric acid 0.60g, water 250 ml. Dissolve sugar in water, boil the mixture for r minutes under low flame. Stop heating and add honey. Add potassium metabisulphite and citric acid after dissolving them in little water. Adjust to 42 brine by adding water or honey as required. Fill in bottle and place air tight lid. Add preservative if long storage is needed. For ready to serve drink no need of preservatives. Serve chilled. Add water to the concentrate to suit the taste. Generally 1 part of concentrate in 4 parts of water makes good taste.

Fruit Processing

Drying of vegetables and fruits is mostly done by the direct sunlight in India. But it takes long time and cause loss of colour , flovour, vitamins and contamination by dust and sand.

The scientists from the Karnataka state have successfully developed a fuel efficient biomass burning tray drier. It is a batch of tray drier consisting of a cabinet for housing odd number of trays, an efficient store for burning the bio-mass fuel, ducts for conveying the Gases through various positions in the driers and ports at the bottom portion to such in the drying air.

The drier can be used for dehydrating fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants.

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New Pomegranate products

Scientists working at the Central Arid Zone Research Institute at Jodhpur come up with new ideas to create value added products from pomegranate fruits. These products are squash, jelly and anardhana.

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Fruit dryer

Dehydration is an important method of preservation of fruits and vegetables. Rapid, on farm drying of these commodities offers many advantages. Most fruits and vegetables contain between 80 and 95 per cent water.

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Waxing Technology to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables

Many times farmers complain that they do not get prices for their produce.
Very true, and the reason is obvious. They do not go to customer directly. They do not market their goods. In these days of market oriented economy, it is a crime not to market one’s goods directly to consumers.

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