Natural Phosphatic Fertilizer

After nitrogen, crops need phosphorus. But the phosphorus becomes unavailable to the crops in acid soil. Therefore, the soil needs more phosphorus and the fertilizer cost increases.

‘Masooriphos’ is a natural phosphatic fertilizer, which is less costly, than the super phosphate. This rock phosphate comes form the mines near masoori (U.P.). It contains 18 to 24 per cent phosphorus and organic carbon 1.3 per cent. As the soil acidity increases, the Masooriphios dissolves more in water and becomes available to the crop slowly for a long period, and the next crops also get benefit from the residual Masooriphos. Other than phosphorus, the crops get micronutrients like clacium (38 %), magnecium (5 %) and copper, Zinc, molybdenum and boron.

           Electra – Organic Liquid fertilizer

Electra is made up from the extracts of merigold, karanj and other medicinal plants. It is a strong organic fertilizer.

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Organic Manure-Green Thumb

Green Thumb is valuable storehouse of nutrients, which maintain an automatic supply for the growing crop plants.

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