Coirpith Compost

Continuous use of inorganic fertilizers, lead to accumulation of injurious heavy metal ions, polluting the soil with precipitates of hydroxides, carbonates, sulphides and sulphates. These necessitate organic amendments to soil for environmental safety and soil health. One of the organic amendments is the coirpith. Coirpith is a bye-product of coir processing industry, producing more than 7.5 million tonnes of coirpith annually in India. The aged heaps of coirpith are readily available in the coir factory sites in the south India.

Composition of raw coirpith

Raw coirpith contains nitrogen (0.21-0.30%), phosphorus (0.09-0.10%), potassium (0.78-1.02%), calcium (0.35-0.42%), magnesium (0.36-0.70%), carbon (20-26%), cellulose (20-27%), lignin (25-30%), sulphur (0.04-0.20%), ash (2-7%), pentosan (9.5%), resin (1.28%), iron (1000ppm). The carbon: nitrogen ratio is 112:1.

Composted coirpith

The raw coirpith has several disadvantages and the high C: N ratio of coirpith is the basic reason for this. Hence composted coirpith is preferred over raw coirpith, for crop husbandry. Coirpith compost is used as a source of plant nutrition particularly for rice. When compared to other major nutrients the potassium is in higher quantity in the coirpith. Composted coirpith can be profitably utilized as a source of potassium for rice cultivation. In research findings it is seen that the use of inorganic potassic fertilizer can be reduced by 25% on application of coirpith compost.

Organic Manures and their Manufacturers


Name of Product


1 Swastic manure Poonam Agro Hitech Inc.
39-D, Gultekdi, Shankarseth Road,
Pune: 411 037
Tel: (020) 644926/652178
2 Sun Brand
organic manure
Sunrise Agro Inputs Pvt.Ltd
Parekh Traders
18, Madhya warti Bhawan,
Shetkari Nivas,
Gultekdi, Market yard,
Pune: 411 037
Tel: (020) 4261997/4267889
3 Superhit Surana & Co.,
Azad Chowk
Barsi, 413 401
Dist: Solapur
Tel: (02184)24071/11576
4 (i) Biomeal Farm Organics (India) Pvt.Ltd
Deep Bungalow Chowk
Shivajinagar, Pune: 411 016
Tel: 5672651/5678323
  (ii) Mycimeal  
5 Vermi compost Green Earth Vermicompost
Somaji House, Opp. Victory
Cinema,8, Coyaji Road,
Pune: 411 001
Tel: 841135-37
6 (i) Jayco Ankur Zaveri Agro Industrial and
Investment Co. Ltd
301, Kamdar complex
Raja Peth, Amravati: 444 601
Tel: (0721) 674459
  (ii) Jayco Utkarsha  
  (iii) Jayco Neem  
7 (i) Rhizonik Nikoo Bio research Lab
613, Nana Peth, Near Hotel Choice
Pune: 411 002
Tel: (020) 620069/629228
  (ii) Azomic  
  (iii) Spioronik  
  (iv) Phosphonic  
  (v) Sulphonic  
  (vi) Phospho-
  (vii) Nikoo 2000  
  (viii) Trichonic  
  (ix) Vermi-Phospho

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