Fisheries : Fisheries Interventions in Bathinda

The land between the PAU RRS and NFDB sponsored fish market has scope for future development. The fish market with an investment of 8.5 crore rupees is almost in the final stages of construction and could become hub of fisheries activities in the region.

The fish market consists of 32 wholesale and 16 retailing points for sale of fish. Survey of local fish market in Bathinda was conducted at two places one is fish market near Railway station and other one at 25 gauges near model town and Bathinda town. Near railway station the fish market comprises of rohu, catla and pangas from Andhra Pradesh.

The local fish market at 25 gauges handles around 500 quintals of 3 local fish comprising of rohu, catla, common carp, tilapia, magur, pangas and small indigenous fishes.Punjab is a highly agriculture intensive state. A large quantity of agriculture and food processing by products are available which may be properly utilized for fish and animal feeding.

Bathinda has three private hatcheries which produce rohu, catla, mrigal, common carp and grass carp seed. Carp spawn is sold at Rs. 800.00 per lakh.

From survey it is found that Punjab has tremendous potential for freshwater aquaculture provided facilities and infrastructure are developed.

The farmer needs basic training in aquaculture practices. In Punjab fish farmer needs packages of practice in aquaculture, including hatchery technology, seed rearing, feed management, disease management and harvesting.