Fisheries : Fish Auction Centres are to be Opened at Puthiyappa and Beypore Harbours

Kerala Fisheries Department have planned special sales outlets to help the public to participate in the bulk auctioning of fresh fish are yet to be a reality in any of the fishing harbours in the district.

At Puthiyappa and Beypore harbours, open auction centres have been finalised still no communication has been received in this regard at the Fisheries’ office here.

Currently the regular auctioning in harbours is done by large and small-scale fish vendors. Getting small quantify of fresh fish directly is difficult as only large-scale buyers are allowed.

Even if someone manages to buy small quantity, that person will not be able to get the costlier items like seer fish or Pomfret. Many retail buyers come together at the harbours and bid for the fish at the auction and after buying divide among themselves the purchase.

Pramod Eravath, a native of Pavangad said that at the Puthiyappa harbour quality fish are not even brought to the auction hall as the deal is fixed off the sea.