Pomfret Fish News: Bengaluru led to drop in fish supply and sales.

Fish traders in Bengaluru facing a loss of over Rs 5 lakh in the past month, heavy rains in Tamil Nadu. merchants said, While the downpour in the neighbouring state disrupted the supplies, incessant drizzles in Bengaluru led to a sharp drop in sales.

CS Basheer, member of the Russell Market Fish Merchants' Association, said: "The supply from Tamil Nadu has virtually stopped. We used to receive two truckloads of seafood, mainly white pomfret, black pomfret, seer and a variety of prawns, which happens to be the core of our profit. Now, we are sending a few crates of fish to the fish sellers in Tamil Nadu so that they can eat something and don't starve." Russell Market is the biggest fish market in the city, followed by the City market.

He further said, "The continuous drizzle here has worsened the situation. We are facing a lot of trouble in selling fish as we are hardly getting any customer and most of our stalls have not been cleared for days. Pourakarmikas are not able to clean the market."

Now, they have to procure fish from Odisha, Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh to feed Bengaluru at a higher cost.

Basheer said: "The prices of pomfret and seer fish have shot up by over Rs 350 and of prawn by up to Rs 200."

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
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