Pomfret at Rs5K for 3kg in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai: A sudden rise in fish prices left residents reeling when vendors quoted an eye watering Rs 5,000 for a pair of pomfret weighing 3kg.

Tiger prawns, a delicacy, are being sold at the Vashi fish market at Rs 800 per kg, while a medium-sized prawn is on sale at Rs 600 per kg. The prices, vendors said, have been rising consistently for the past few days because not only has the demand increased but the catch isn't as good as it once used to be.

Other fishes such as the Mackerel are being priced at Rs 500 per kg at the Vashi market. Staples such as king fish are being sold at Rs 800 per kg at the Diwale market.

Usha Patil (55), a fisherwoman from Vashi says, "Pomfret catch has reduced and its demand has increased. We have to go further out into the sea to get these fishes, which make it more expensive. Our margin here is extremely low. We aren't trying to swindle our customers" .

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
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